Life of a Project

I decided to call this year's piece for the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association a contemporary "bergère" because of it's enveloping qualities.It's half way between a nest and a throne, I can easily imagine a grand parent reading a book to a child in this chair.

From the model to the real thing was a quite an arduous process, for a moment I thought I "bit off more than I could chew" !Then, with some perseverance and a lot of stubbornness,  it started to take the shape I wanted.

The cooperage construction leaves a shell with multiple facets, from there to it's actual smooth shape  there are many long days of hand planing and hand sanding ! In my opinion it was worth the effort.

The wood is Cherry. The cushions are upholstered in a bold deep purple velvet.

Actually a quite cozy chair. 

Finished product

work in progress 2

work in progress 3

work in progress 5

work in progress 4