Aurelio Bolognesi


Aurelio Bolognesi is a Graduate of the "Centro Scolastico per le Industrie Artistiche," a design school in Lugano, Switzerland. Aurelio worked as a designer in Paris, the Caribbean, and New York before establishing his studio in Hardwick, Massachusetts.

Aurelio, who goes by the nick name Bolo designs and builds elegant one-of-a-kind furniture suitable for any interior. He uses time-proven traditional joinery, with integrity and without compromises…

“Furniture you will love to see and touch; tomorrow's antiques”.

Member of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association

Besides being part of some important private collections, in particular the Hilda Fleisher, Liz and Jerry Reilly, Mary and Theodore Shasta, and David Tatlock collections, Bolo's work has been shown in several galleries and at the Currier Museum of Fine Art, the Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art, and Paradise City Art festivals.

"Having worked with many talented woodworkers over a long period of time, Bolo stands out for his sense of design, his skill in executing difficult joinery and his interest in thinking creatively. He has a great eye and knows how to master challenging projects whether they are designed for a particular location or for standing alone. He has a wonderful ability to discuss his ideas and describe his plans for an individual piece of work.

-Liz & Jerry Reilly

"We are the proud owners of 'Because Why'. and it is a piece we see and use every day - beauty and utility. We saw this piece at a New Hampshire Furniture Masters Auction and were immediately drawn to its form, surface finish and 'first glance' simplicity which masked the complexity of the piece. We knew instantly Bolo had chosen a difficult path as to design and construction, and the finished piece is a testimony to the master's skill. 'Because Why' enriches our lives through its grace and craftsmanship and by reminding of us of the lovely man who built it."

-Mary & Theodore Shasta

" Aurelio, or "Bolo", is a bolt out of the blue. Wherever his ideas, put into furniture, come from, is way different from the conventional 'takes' by American greybeards on the Orient...or, the rough-hewn lumps that have zero chance of ever qualifying as a classic.What you get in a Bolo piece is stunning and functional. Chalk it up as a plus that his breadth of view and training is far beyond these shores, even as he nestled into the quietly generative calm of Hardwick, Massachusetts, free to work out his sumptuous ideas."

-David Tatlock